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August 25, 2023

Return to Compass - Sunrises Follow Sunsets

To amplify Compass’ improved Q2 2023 financial reporting, I am pleased to report on my reengagement with Compass as Chief Real Estate Strategist.

In my August 2021 Compass exit message, I stated that I would be available to Compass as a strategic consultant going forward. This was very true in casual conversations with Robert once every 45 to 60 days or so through during the last 24 months. 

In May 2023, these conversations heated up. Greg Hart, COO Compass, Inc., came to visit Jackson, WY. We spent three sessions of time together covering business and personal conversations. It was very clear to me that Greg’s outlook on our industry, market dynamics, and opportunities were nearly identical to mine. 

In June 2023 I made a trip to NYC and visited with Robert, Neda Navab, President of Compass, Inc., and several other key executives. Once again, the vision and conviction for growth and operational excellence was clearly aligned with my own. The combination of the technology platform and empowering local leaders will reduce friction and add velocity to the business.


What I really missed about the business was the people and my ability to lead and motivate. The professional staff and the real estate professionals that rise daily to meet the passions of our clients living the American Dream of homeownership. Does it get any better?

Current market conditions seem to be at a “bottom.” Like we did with Pacific Union in 2009, we will drive Compass for market share gains and operational excellence to outperform the broader markets in the 24 months ahead.

I appreciate Compass’ confidence in me. I aim to gain the trust of the 30,000+ real estate professionals and professional staff that call Compass home!

I am motivated and I will make a difference.

Keep an eye on us.

This is Where We Are now.



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