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May 24, 2022 | Source:

Pace of change, fee transparency will test brokerage value proposition

The pace of change continues to startle, if not amaze me. Just 50-some days ago — when I published this writing — my feeling was that we were in “good times,” and it was appropriate to prepare for change. Admittedly, I did not expect the change to come so fast.

NAR announced April 2022 closings last Thursday. Here are the results:

NAR April 22 Results Total

Clearly, these are national headline numbers. We all know real estate is local, if not hyper-local. I checked in with a few of our friends around the country to see how the NAR headlines compare to local realities, and here is what I discovered:

NAR April 22 Results By County

Change in our markets, especially to the downside, will test our value proposition in the industry. Combine a changing market with possible changing regulations, and we need to be sharp in our communication skills with our customers.

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