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April 8, 2024

Latter & Blum + 38-0 = Teamwork!

What a pleasure to have Latter & Blum join Compass. Our announcement last week generated an enormous high and increased our momentum in an industry undergoing significant change. Latter & Blum operates several disciplines and brands in several states. Compass embraces the entire portfolio with passion.

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Latter & Blum real estate rankings

I had the pleasure of meeting Lacey Conway, CEO of Latter & Blum through The Realty Alliance in 2016. Lacey leads with vision, passion, and a standard of excellence. In late December 2023, Robert Reffkin and I spent the day in New Orleans with Lacey and her father Bob Merrick brainstorming the future of our companies. The day will be remembered for both companies as “too good to be true.”

Bob and Lacey

Ninety days later, we are one firm with a shared vision.

On Wednesday, April 10, 2024, at the Four Seasons in New Orleans, we will have 600 attendees (full capacity) celebrating the merger of the two companies. The gathering will fortify a shared vision and enhance our collective momentum for the spring market.

In a recent conversation with Lacey, she articulated a desire to engage with Compass leadership, contribute ideas, and participate in the broader agenda – teamwork at its finest!

Undefeated NCAA women's basketball player

NCAA Championship Game, April 7, 2024
South Carolina 87 vs. Iowa 75
South Carolina 38-0!

Yesterday, while Monique and I were watching the Women’s NCAA Basketball Finals, all we could think about was the amazing impact of teamwork. South Carolina’s record of 38-0 speaks for itself. The women on the court controlled the game as a team. Teams outperform the best individuals on a consistent basis.

More than anything else about the merger of Latter & Blum with Compass, I look forward to our collaboration with Latter & Blum, Lacey’s leadership team, and the entire Compass team.

Momentum is contagious – keep an eye on us!

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