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June 12, 2023

Keep Your Clients Closer

The consumer-direct momentum in the residential mortgage business continues to accelerate. Lenders are focused on giving both homeowners & homebuyers a platform to manage their real estate finances. It is inevitable that your clients will adopt an application, so why not provide the application to them with your branding front and center?

For the first time that I am aware of, individual real estate agents may now provide their clients with a real estate finance platform co-branded between them and their favorite loan officer.

HomeDashboard screenshot has just introduced new capabilities to its proven platform HomeDashboard. For the first time, you can deliver a platform to your clients that

HomeDashboard App Screenshot

  1. Co-brands between the real estate agent and your favorite loan officer.


  2. Delivers real-time customized finance options fully transparent.

    Rates Screen

  3. Allows clients to start a loan application and get pre-approved.

    Loan Application Screen

  4. Updates both you and your loan officer on clients’ property-related activities.

Sign up for HomeDashboard in Florida, Texas, and soon California with Realfinity Mortgage. For agents in other states, exclusive access is available through a lender invitation. Deliver HomeDashboard to clients before others do. Secure your position and stay ahead.

Realfinity Mortgage, an innovative broker, finds the best mortgage rates by comparing lenders on behalf of clients. RFM with HomeDashboard empowers real estate agents and their clients with investment-grade property data, revolutionizing the awareness of available financing options. 

If you think you're close to your clients, gets you closer.



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