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November 20, 2023

Compass Markets To Experience Year-End Lift

There are 2,400 Compass culture carriers returning to work in markets all over the United States today. Coming off an exceptional Compass RETreat in San Diego, Compass real estate advisors’ spirits are high, confidence is contagious, and skills are sharpened to meet market opportunities.

For a business that grew from start-up to the top brokerage company in the United States by sales volume, Compass prided itself a technology business empowering real estate advisors. The verdict is in that the technology stack is second to none in the industry and now Compass is pivoting to the second rail of its agenda – to the human connection side of real estate.

Since entering the residential real estate business in 2006, I have always said I was in the people business and our people, our real estate advisors, are in the real estate business.

“Connectivity” is now clear as the second rail to the core of Compass. In 2023, a full 16% of Compass trades, 28,000 trades, are Compass to Compass referrals – this is a human connection machine! People, E2E and F2F, leveraging relationships to make the American dream of homeownership come alive.

I lead two sessions at Compass RETreat, each ~500 real estate advisors, on the future of our industry and client relationships. At the core of our industry and the client relationship is trust. 

Word cloud: Our Future

We covered every topic in this word collage. Preparing the audience on the practical issues surrounding our industry’s hot topics and its “noise.” It’s vital to remember our industry noise is not our clients’ noise. We get the pleasure of managing our industry noise and then transitioning to our clients’ priorities. Our experience, knowledge, advice, and recommendations are the attributes that earn our clients’ trust.

If you think you are close to your clients, get closer!

This is Where We Are Now!



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